How to Lock Profile On Facebook


Are you getting frustrated by unknown users and spammers on Facebook? Facebook is one of the largest using social media platforms in the world. Every platform has merits and demerits as well. Spammers and Irritating people are also on this portal and they are always browsing on other Facebook profiles to bother them. Therefore, if you want to secure your Facebook profile from these kinds of people then you must know about the Facebook Profile Locking Feature. 

What is Facebook Profile Locking?

Facebook Profile Locking Means when you hide your Facebook Profile from unknown people on Facebook. That means only friends can view your profile, photos, information, videos, and other updates of your profile and no-one else.

Why Facebook Launch This Feature?

To enhance the security and privacy of the users, Facebook Launch this feature that is known as Facebook Profile Lock Feature. Now, users can use this platform without any worries and data leaking issues.

Availability of Feature In All Countries:

If you are thinking that the Facebook Lock Feature is available and launched in all countries by the team of Facebook then you are wrong. This feature is still available in limited countries. In India and the United States, people can use this feature without any doubt.

Steps to Lock Facebook Profile In Smartphone/iPhone/PC:

1. Login With Your Facebook Account

2. Go to Setting and Privacy

3. Select “Setting” Tab

4. Now You See Three Different Categories One by One Such as “Account Setting”, “Security” and “Privacy”

5. You should select the Last One that is Privacy

6. Privacy Tab have Various Sub-Category, and You should select the second one such as “Profile Locking”

7. Now Select Lock Profile and Lock Your Profile for Non-Friends on Facebook


Benefits of Facebook Profile Locking Feature:

@1. Facebook Profile Will Be Invisible from Unknown People:

People who are not on your friend list can see the limited Information of Your Profile. This is the main concern of so many people who are not using Facebook till now just because of privacy and security reason. This blossom feature invites more people to use Facebook without any worry about security.

@2. Visible Only Brief View:

One thing that you must understand about this feature is a brief view. That means if you are thinking that locking profile gives the ability to lock profile completely or hide profile completely then you are wrong. This feature still displays your profile on Facebook but only with a brief view not in the broad view.

@3. Hide All Timeline Posts From Facebook:

Yes, that’s true! Now you can hide all timeline posts on Facebook from those people who are not on your friend list. How to do this? Again, you have to unlock your FB Profile from the privacy and setting.

@4. All New Posts & Photo As Well:

Even, people out of your FB Friend circle can’t able to see all new posts and photos as well on your timeline and that’s the great thing for you. That means, latest updated on your FB Profile is seen only for your Facebook Friends.




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