Top 10 Places in India You Are Not Allowed To Visit


India is one of the largest and interesting countries. The alluring and terrible places of this country are the identity of the nation for tourist. However, not all places are accessible to travelers.  There are Top 10 Places in India You Are Not Allowed To Visit. Do you know what these are? Let’s check out the list of these places.

1.    Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Due to the Naxalite Owning Area, this area is not for travelers. The beauty of elegant waterfalls is the attractive feature of this place. But the loophole is the area is dangerous for traveling.

2.    Barren Islands, Andaman

Because of safety reasons, the place is not open for travelers. This place is only for the residence of Active Volcano in India. From a long distance, you can also see the hot waves of lava from the mouth of the Volcano.

3.    Uno-In-Hotel, Bangalore       

Due to the charges of Racial Discrimination the hotel was already shut down in 2014. The hotel was open in 2012 only for Japanese.

4.    Chambal River Basin, Madhya Pradesh

The active dacoits have become the hurdles for the visitors to enter in this area. This is the best place in India and also seen in some Bollywood Movies.

5.    North Sentinel Island, Andaman

The indigenous tribe which had already disconnected from the modern world does not allow outsiders to enter in this beautiful place.

6.    Aksai Chin, Jammu, and Kashmir

The reason why visitors are not allowed to explore this place is the dispute between India and China.

7.    Nicobar Islands

Without the permission of local authority, you can’t visit in the Nicobar Islands.

8.    Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

This is a hilarious and terrible place of India and also known as the Most Haunted Place in the country. After sunset, you can’t visit the place. Before sunset you also need permission.

9.    Cholamu Lake, North Sikkim

This is the Highest Lake in India but you can’t go on the place without the permission of Army and Sikkim Police.

10.    Siachen Glacier

Because of the Line of Control, this is the high alert area and no-one is allowed to enter in this area except security professional.






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