Do and Don’ts Tips For Makeup Beginners


With the help of makeup, we can express our beauty. But it is quite difficult for you, when you are at the beginner level in makeup, you feel intimidating while applying makeup. Are you confused about how to start makeup? Do you need any help in selecting the right product for your skin tone and type? Would you like to know how to apply makeup correctly on your face, so that it flatters your features? If your answer is yes for any of the above questions, then you at the right place. It will help you a lot. Read more tips here. 

List of Do and Don’ts For Makeup Beginners:

1. Don’t Confuse In Lots of Stuff:

When you are a beginner to makeup, then you don’t have any idea about makeup products, so what you do, you buy a huge variety of products. It is utterly easy to spend dollars on the makeup. One of my first tips for beginners is not to buy a bunch of expensive, high-end products and the products which you don't need. A lot of people will give you a many suggestions to buy this product or that product if you are a beginner to makeup. But it is not the right option. On the place of buying everything from eyelash primer to finishing spray, start off with the basics. You need only mascara and lipstick in your makeup kit. That’s pretty much it! When you will get more comfortable with applying makeup, then you will no doubt increase your selection of lipstick color and it is easy for you to buy eye shadow, blushes, foundation and more. But if you are a beginner then always start with two products that you love and expand for them.

2. Do Not Apply Use Dirty Makeup Brush On Your Face.

Sometimes beginners neglect to keep their makeup brushes clean and apply makeup by dirty makeup brush, which is not good for your skin. A dirty makeup brush can bring bacteria to your skin. On every weekend you should wash your brush, instead of taking the risk. Schedule a time each week to clean them.

 How to clean your brushes? Take a small bowl and fill it with warm water and a couple of squirts of your shampoo. Next, gently wash your brush into the soap water. After     washing takeout the brush from water and lay it on a clean towel.

3. Do Not Apply Makeup On A Dirty Face:

If you are applying makeup to a dirty face, it will cause serious skin problems later in life. Breakouts and acne problems will not solve easily, it takes a lot of time to recover.  Never apply makeup on the top of other makeup that has been sitting on your face for hours. There is one exception for this rule is lipstick, you can reapply lipstick or gloss. 

When it's come to apply foundation and face powder, always be sure to clean off what you are currently wearing first.

4. Do Not Skip Your Eyebrows:

Eyebrows are vital part of your face but it is always overlooked. When you will apply perfect eyebrows makeup on your brows then your brows will perfectly frame your face. Do not apply too dark makeup. Go with the subtle color that is the same shade as your brows or maybe a shade lighter.  You can go darker if your brows are a light shade of blonde to define them more.

5. Do not sleep with makeup:

Always remove your makeup while going to sleep, never sleep with makeup. It will damage your skin and cause many skin problems in future. At the end of the day when we are tired, it can be pretty tempting to simply fall asleep in your makeup. Your pores get stretched by makeup, which is harmful to your skin. Sleeping with makeup on your skin, your skin doesn’t have the ability to rebalance itself that will dry your skin. Avoid sleep with makeup on your skin.

All Do of Makeup That You Can’t Ignore

1. After Foundation Apply Concealer

If you have a dark circle under your eyes, minor blemishes, or redness, then Concealer is your best friend. We use Concealer to hide under your eyes, minor blemishes, or redness. We apply Concealer first before applying foundation, that is not the right way or effective strategy.

When first you apply foundation, it can actually cancel out a lot of discoloration or unevenness in your skin. That's why always apply foundation first and then Concealer. Doing it in this order can save more of your Concealer, too.





2.Use a Primer Before Makeup:

The most important part of makeup is a primer. Primer is a base that you use under your makeup. It will help in creating a smoother surface for your makeup and also helps to moisturize the skin. A primer will also help to keep your makeup last longer.

 3.Pay Attention to Your Skin:

Pay attention to your skin over the course of your life, your skin often changes. Make sure that you are daily washing your face two times or not and after washing a face apply toner and moisture on your skin. This will keep your skin healthy and naturally glowing.




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