Tips to Make IGNOU Assignment at Last Minute


Maybe the topic is quite serious of this blog, but believe me, so many students are too much confused and they don’t know how to make IGNOU Assignment at the last-minute. First of all, IGNOU is the topmost National Open University of India. Every year, millions of students graduate from this university. The University is Providing Open Learning Program to Students and the fee of this university is also affordable for the students. Now let’s talk about the IGNOU Assignment. Making Assignments at the last-minute is not possible for the students and especially when you have 5 to 6 projects and you have only 3 to 4 days for preparing the assignment. Total Marks in the Assignment of IGNOU is 30 from 100 for each subject. Now, I am going to disclose the Tips to Make IGNOU Assignment at the Last Minute with the students. Let’s take a look. 

Suppose here you have only 4 Days and Now you have around 5 Subjects of your Course. 

@1. Collect Important Stuff:

The first thing that you must do for preparing your IGNOU Assignment at Last Minute is collecting important stuff. Here I am talking about the

  1. Black and Blue Pen (Same Brand and Around 5 to 6 Pens)
  2. Buy 6 to 7 Practical Sheets Packet
  3. Scale and Pencil
  4. Sketch Pen to High Light Front Page
  5. Books of Each Subject 
  6. Each Assignment Print Page 
  7. Files (For Adding Sheets of Answers) 

Why this is important for you?

Well, at the last moment you can’t face the situation of fewer things to completing your assignment and that’s why you had to collect all the things which are required to complete your all Assignment. With this, your time will save and you will able to complete your IGNOU Assignment on-time.

@2. Divide Each Subject In Different Sphere: 

If you have 4 days to complete your IGNOU Assignment then you have to divide each subject into a different sphere. For example, if you are going to complete Subject A in 10 to 2 PM Timing then You have to Select B Subject for 3 to PM Timing. Also, remember one thing that keeps the gap for starting the second Assignment to keep your mind fresh and write carefully neatly and cleanly. After 6 PM if anything still not completes then complete the stuff between 8 PM to 11 PM. Thus, with this, you can complete your two subject’s assignment in one day.

@3. Don’t Write Too Much Extensive:

If you are thinking that you will get 100 Out of 90 Marks in the Assignment of IGNOU by writing extensive words then you are wrong because sometimes examiner only gives around 70 to 80 marks to students. Thus, you have to focus on the Term End Exam rather than Assignment and make assignments in a short period. 

  1. Maximum Sheets For One Question (Bachelor Students): 4
  2. Maximum Sheets for One Question (Masters Students): 6

You have to fill the answer in these sheets as soon as possible. If you follow this format then you can easily get 80 to 90 Marks in the IGNOU Assignment. You have to highlight only the main points and don’t go in deep analysis. 

@4. Set Time Limits is Note Pad:

Without the deadlines and time limits, you can’t complete the IGNOU Assignment at the Last Minute. Thus, you have to set a short deadline for completing the Assignment through which you can complete your Assignment at the last minute. 

@5. IGNOU Solved Assignment Are Good Choice for Last Minute:

Some students are smart and they also figure out the answers to all questions from the books but at the last minute, this is not possible for 4 to 5 subjects. Thus, you can solve this problem by purchasing the IGNOU Solved Assignment Online and directly copy from these Assignments in your Assignment Sheets.  





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