Drinking Cold Water is Good Or Bad For Your Health


Water is an essential component to live the life. You can’t imagine your life without the presence of water. The question of this article is related to the cold water Vs Warm Water. Which is the good for your health? Or cold water bad for your health? Some are also thinking that cold water is helpful for the health in many ways and if yes then what are these ways? You should kindly look on some merits and demerits to drink cold water.

Merits of Drinking Cold Water:

A. Increase Metabolism Rate:

According to the study from 2003, it was found that people who drank cold water (which have the ice cubes) able to increasing 30% metabolism rate in the body. This is the cool thing for those people who are thinking to lose weight with the right approach of drinking water. The result clearly shown that we can easily lose 100% calories in a day if we drink a half liter of ice water.

B. Enhance Performance and Endurance:

On the other hand, a person can also improve the endurance and performance of the body by drinking half liter cold ice water regularly. This is the fact based on some studies of the past years.

C. Reduced The Rise in Core Body Temperature During Exercise:

According to the study of 2012, it was should that 45% physically fit males found that during the exercise if they drink cold water then it helps them to reduce the rise in core body temperature compare with drinking normal temperature water.

D. Helps to Increase Athlete Performance:

Do you know why we are telling this? The fact was based on the study from 2014 that shows effects of different drinks on the cycling performance of 12 trained athletes in the climate of tropical. Athletes can achieve the good performance by drinking cold water.

E. Cold Water for Weight Loss:

Some people and researches also believe that the cold water helps to burn more calories from the body that will affect your weight loss program.




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