Top 5 Brands of Expensive Shoes in the World That You Must Know!


Talking about expensive shoes, a question arises, how expensive shoes can be? The top 5 brands of shoes have a shocking price. If I talk about 2020, the top 5 brands are not of the man. They are all of the female brands. These shoes are only for those people who are not of them who check the price tag. But there is a curiosity in everyone's mind about the most expensive shoes, of course, everyone has a dream to buy the most expensive things in the world. An expensive outfit somehow imprints its lavish lifestyle in society.

I know you are eager to know the expensive brands. So, let's start. Here is the list of the Top 5 Brands of Expensive Shoes in the World:


This is the most expensive shoe brand in the world. Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers collaboratively created Passion Diamond shoe. The shoe is made from pure gold, even from the insoles and two rounds of 15 carats D-flawless diamond. There are 118 small diamonds trimmed over each shoe. And one crowning jewels prong-set near the pointed toe. Jada Dubai launched its new creation in the only 7-star hotel of Dubai-Burj Al Arab. But there is another thing also that makes this shoe different from others that it took 9 months to create. As the feature of the shoe is lavish, the price tag is also breath-taking-$ 17 million.


Talking about expensive items, how do we forget Debbie Wingham. Starting from the confectionary to couture-she has made the most expensive cake shaped like a UAE bride mannequin. Debbie Wingham has created one of the most expensive shoe-High Heels. The body of the shoe is crafted with the Platinum, and the remainder of the shoe is made of leather polished with 24-carat gold. The plaque of the shoe is made of pure gold and 18-carat Goldthreads for shoe stitching-all these things adds up to its Price tag-$15.1 million. 


Harry Winston-"King of Diamonds" is an American luxury jeweller. Ron Winston (Son of Harry Winston) has decided to make a replica of the original ruby sleepers that are worn by the lead actress-Young Dorothy of the film Wizard of Oz (American Classic film). The shoe is crafted using 4,600 rubies and also features 50-carat Diamonds. This Shoe of $3 million defines the luxury of the shoe that is crafted with 1,350-carats of rubies.


RITA HAYWORTH (one of the famous Hollywood actress) found a place in history when the pair of earrings were fashioned into the shoe by Stuart Weitzman. The shoe has a lovely shade of Sienna Satin. The earrings are future in the middle of the shoe. The shoe is also featured with various types of precious gemstones (diamonds to sapphires to rubies in a satin ruffle) near the toe section that makes it worth $3 million. But this shoe is not for sale.


Cinderella Slippers, again the creation of Stuart Weitzman. As the name of the shoe describes itself, the shoe is made by taking inspiration from the fairy-tale character Cinderella. The shoe is crafted of Italian leather. The toe straps and ankle are designed using 565 Kwiat Diamonds set into platinum and twisted into a complex. The right shoe features a 5-carat amaretto Diamond. This Cinderella Slipper has a Price Tag of $2 million.



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