Top 5 LED Tv brands in India 2021


Today, technology is continuously evolving, makes our dumb Tv into a slimmer LED Tv. LED Tv has more clarity than an old dumb Tv. LED Tv is more convenient than an Old one. LED Tv can be set on the wall easily and takes less space. LED Tv delivers a better experience than old dumb Tv, due to its brightness and picture clarity. LED Tv comes with some advanced ports like USB and HDMI ports, which enhance its overall performance. A Tv is not anymore just a device for watching your favourite Tv show, but it is now seen as a complete package of entertainment. You can enjoy all the entertainment in your LED smart Tv viz play games, stream on the various online platform, access Google play store. You can also download videos, songs, and apps. The Indian market has a variety of range of LED Tv, starting from different price range, features, and display size.

How to Choose the most suitable Tv?

Before buying a Tv, you have to keep the following things in mind: -

Display: -

Choosing the most suitable display is important. Why?

If your Tv screen is small, then it difficult to focus on small details.

If your Tv screen is large, then it difficult to focus on every detail. You have to rotate your head to see all the details.

How to choose the correct display size?

Measure the distance between your sitting position and Tv position, then make an idea according to the distance, which Tv size will suit you.

However, I have some recommendation for you: -

If your room size is not big and your viewing distance is approx.: 5-7 feet, then a 24-inch display will suit you.

If your viewing distance is approx.: 7-8 feet, then a 32-inch display will suit you.

If your viewing distance is approx.: 8-10 feet, then a 43-inch display will suit you.

If your room size is big and your viewing distance is approx.: 9-15 feet, then a 55-inch display will suit you.

There are many types of Display: -




A LED display delivers a good resolution. QLED delivers a good resolution in any light condition, and OLED delivers great colour resolution with perfect colour in all lights.

Features: -

  1. Today, Tv is coming with RAM, internal storage, operating system, which enhances your experience.
  2. However, I have some recommendation for you: -
  3. A 2 GB RAM is enough for a smooth performance.
  4. 8 GB internal storage is enough to store your apps and some small size data.
  5. An android TV enables you to access the Google play store and play online games. There are a variety of brands in the Indian market. How to choose the best Tv brand? Here are the TOP 5 LED TV Brands in India 2021: -


Samsung is a very renowned brand. Samsung is a Korean Company. Samsung delivers the best quality products. Samsung is the leader in Tv market. Samsung is one of the most premium brands.


Sony is also a renowned company. Sony is known for the best quality pictures. Sony is a Japanese company. The sound and picture quality are very stunning.



Panasonic is also a Japanese company. Panasonic is known for delivering the latest technology in very less in comparison to the Sony, Samsung, and LG brands. Panasonic is also known as value for money brand.


LG is a South Korean brand. LG's picture and sound quality are quite close to Sony. LG provides a wide range of Smart Tv. LG is the second biggest brand in terms of sales.


Vu is an Indian brand. Are you looking for budget-friendly Smart TV?

Vu delivers the latest technology at a very decent price. Vu being a budget-friendly brand tried to get premium technologies.



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