10 Tips for Tennis Beginners


Before we go for tips, let's first know about Tennis. Tennis is an interesting game, played indoors and outdoors between two teams of a single player (Singles) as well as between two teams of two players (doubles). It is a racket game in which a player strikes a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over or around a net and into the opponent's court.

Many people want to play Tennis, but they felt they have to be pro to play this game. If you want to be a professional Tennis player, then you can approach to be a pro, but do not expect good results in a short period of time. Regular bouts can improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, agility, and game.

Here are some 10 tips for Tennis Beginners:

1) Racket: Most people do not decide the correct racket size for themselves. How to choose the correct one? If you assume yourself a little small, then go for a 25-inch racket, and choose a 28-inch racket if you feel relatively well built. For children, a 17-inch racket is a good choice. Price is another factor- choose the racket which you can comfortably buy. Do not go for expensive or even not for the cheapest one.

2) Tennis Ball: Choose inexpensive Tennis balls until you are not going to hit them at 200 kph; keep at least 5 balls. There are chances that you hit a few balls over the fence and do not want to chase them.

3) Practice: Every player needs to do practice continuously, whether he/she is a professional or beginner. For the beginner, most players expect sudden growth in a short time, and when they do not find themselves to be a pro, they lose their hope. It is important to keep patience and try regular practice.

4) Tennis Court: Before choosing an area for Tennis, it is important to choose the smooth court, which helps you to play the game without injury.

5) Footwear: Most Tennis beginners suffer foot injuries. There are many situations involved where you have to stop and go can hurt your feet and toe. It is important to wear good quality Tennis Sneakers because they are made to withstand side-to-side movement and will protect the toes of the wearer.

6) Warm-Up: Before playing the game, it is important to do a warm-up. It involves stretching your arms and legs and some light jogging. It helps you to focus on the game, safe from injuries, and better movement of muscles. At the end of the game, do the same exercise.

7) Stay hydrated: Playing Tennis can make you fatigue. It is important to drink an adequate amount of water to make yourself away from dehydration. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and loss of focus in-game. Do not shy to keep liquid in the court; hydrate yourself whenever you feel dehydrated.

8) Keep a First aid kit: For every player, injuries are part of the game. It is a wise thing to keep a first aid kit always when you enter in Tennis court.  Keep Neosporin (or some other antiseptic), athletic tape, and pre-wrap.

9) Improve your speed: To be a pro player, you have to improve your striking speed and also work on footwork. You have to make skipping a part of your daily exercise.

10) Don't lose hope: Many situations came during the game where you cannot put a good score on the board, or you are losing the game. At this time, you need not lose hope and do not get angry and frustrated. Keep yourself calm-because it can make your game or make a better situation for you.




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