10 Unknown facts of Hockey


Are you a hockey lover? It sounds crazy- there are huge facts which you do not know! Interestingly, you are eager and curious to know something different about Hockey. Let's look into these facts:

1) Cup Snacks: This happens with the Stanley Cup; every member of the winning time had a personal day with the Cup. Every member fills the cup with the food, part of the tradition. Cup is filled with chicken wings, poutine, ice cream, cereal, and meatballs, and finally, the player eats from that cup.

2) Frozen Pucks: Hockey Pucks are now frozen to prevent them from bouncing during the game.

3) Cow Poop: In the early days of Ice hockey, frozen cow poop is used as a puck.

4) Lost Trophy: Montreal Canadians players won Stanley Trophy in 1924, and after that, they went to a party, putting the trophy in the trunk of the car. After a while car got punctured, they removed the trophy to get the spare tire, and after changing the tire, they all forget to take the trophy in a snowbank. When they realized the mistake, they return to the same place. Luckily, the trophy was still there.

5) Trophy erratum: In Stanley Cup, it has several typos, including the misspelling of Boston as Bqstqn. And the Toronto Maple Leafs as the Leaes.

6) Fan Play: This is the most interesting rule of Hockey- when the two goalies are injured during the game. Then anybody can play, even a fan from inside the arena as a substitute.

7) Pittsburgh Penguins: Slapshot Pete-the Penguin once came with Pittsburgh Penguins as a mascot live.

8) Called Off: In March 1995, during the NHL game, rain caused flooding of a river near the San Jose Shark's arena. This is the only time in NHL history when the game was called off.

9) Unwanted Invasion: In 1991, a game was held in Las Vegas, Nevada that was the NHL’s first-ever outdoor. During the game, there was a grasshopper invasion in the field.

10) Goalie Stuck: The Goalie cannot cross the centre-ice red line with or without the puck at the time of the game.




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