Most Popular Global Sports


Everyone in this world loves sports. It plays an important role in life; Sports makes everyone to learn many things like leadership, decision making, and also expertise in that sport. For many people, sport is a hobby, and for some, it is their profession. Everyone has played at least one kind of sport in their life. However, the popularity of sports is also dependent on geography region. It is challenging to rank a sport according to their popularity because the viewership of the sport changes from country to country.

Considering the regional popularity, here is the list of Most Popular Global Sport:

1) Football/Soccer:

This sport is played between two teams with a spherical ball, and one team has eleven players. The game is about shooting the ball at the opponents’ goal. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries. Over 600 million people watched the world cup final makes this sport most popular. Football players are the most paid players in the world. It is famous in Europe, Africa, America, and Asia.

2) Cricket:

Popular in Asia, Australia, and United Kingdom. This sport is played between teams with eleven players in each team with the bat & ball. Each turn is called an inning. Over 1 million people watched the semi-final world cup in 2011.

3) Basketball:

This sport is played between two teams each, each team has 5 players. It is one of the most playing sport. The game is all about shooting a ball through the basket. Most popular in China, Japan, and the US. The broadcasting is done in over 200 countries, and over 10 countries represent on the rosters and 200 national basketball federation.

4) Hockey:

Hockey is played between two teams; each player has eleven players. It is the national game of India and Pakistan. The game is about shooting the ball into the opponent's net through the Hockey. There are two kinds of Hockey games, one is field hockey, and another is ice-hockey. Hockey is famous in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

5) Tennis:

Tennis is played between two players (Singles) or between two teams with two players in each team (Doubles). In Tennis, one player strikes a hollow rubber ball over the net to the court of the opponent through the racket. The game is about striking the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to return the ball to the opponent’s court. The top 100 players of Tennis represent more than forty countries.

6) Volleyball:

In this game, there are two teams separated by a net. Each team has six players. The game is about grounding the ball in the opponent’s court. Volleyball is watched in almost all countries. It is a major sport in Brazil and Europe. Volleyball has more national federation than others.

7) Table Tennis:

Same as the Tennis, it is played as Singles and Doubles. Table Tennis is also known as Ping Pong. The game is about striking a lightweight ball back and forth through table tennis rackets. It has a fan base over all the countries. The viewership on Tv is limited to Olympics and international events.

8) Base Ball:

Baseball is played between two teams; each team has nine players. It is a Bat and Ball game, in which the team has two scores more than its opponent’s by hitting the ball through the bat. A run is scored when the runner advances around the bases and returns to home plate. It is a major sport in Canada and Mexico. US and Japan share the most viewership of Baseball.

9) Rugby:

The game is played between two teams of 15 players in rugby union and 13 players in rugby league. Rugby is played with an oval ball. It is widely played in France, and also in Spain. It is famous in Australia, New Zealand, England, and France.

10) American Football:

This game is played between teams; each team has eleven players played with an oval ball. Most of the fan base of American football is from the US. It is also famous in Canada and Mexico.



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