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Privacy Policy- zerohourinfo

Different types of online businesses are there running these days. Doesn’t matter whether it is about the fashion industry or something else, almost everything has now become online. At zerohourinfo, we are also active among our valuable customers. We are dealing in not only one or two but a number of industries and we always keep posting our blogs based on fashion, travel, food, market, education, health, lifestyle, and much more. We highly focus on providing you the detailed and the best information on which you can easily trust and can rely on all of our information provided to you. Zerohourinfo has built up a destination where you can find all your answers at a single platform whether it is related to any of the industries. We have become a brand on which you can rely on every stage of your life for all types of products, services, and other content.

What is our mission?

Our mission is basically to create clear and transparent relations with our customers to be based on our identity and brand. We know that you may have multiple questions in your mind related to your information being stored with us. You may think about the reason behind collecting your data, right? Why we collect your data and how do we use such information? You would surely get all your answers here in our privacy policies-

  • We collect your information not to control or empower you but just to customize our services according to your needs and requirements.
  • We focus on targeting your search like what you are trying to search so that we can work on the same platform to provide you much better services next time.

When Does This Policy Apply?

Our privacy policies apply to all our customers when they interact with us via visiting our website or different web pages associated with it. We have mobile applications and email communication systems too and our policies are equally applicable for all and everywhere. If you are using our website for searching for any of the services then you would automatically get agreed with our privacy policies as well as defined terms and conditions. If you don’t want to agree with the same then you would always be advised not to use the website.

 What Personal Information Do Our Brands Collect?

The very first step of yours would be the registration or sign up. Yes, you would be asked to sign up on the website by filling up some of your basic information/data such as your full name, mobile number, email id, and a valid residence address. You may also be asked to provide-

  • Your IP address, unique device id or the third party id (if any). These ids might be assigned to you if you are our existing user.
  • Your location information to track the target areas where we have our customers or the people who are likely interested in getting their answers resolved via our information.
  • Your purpose in accessing the website. Different people and business enterprises may have different purposes of accessing our website and we generally ask for the same information to help you out getting the relevant and useful information only.
  • We may also ask you for hobbies and interests to offer you the best possible services from the very next of your visits.

Such information may be asked to generate newsletters as well. These newsletters are also for your help and knowledge. Nothing very complicated would be asked from you as the information for our newsletters would also require only your basic contact information, account or registration information, payment information, demographic information, and so on. This basic information would help us know our customers well in a better manner than usual.

Where/How Do We Collect Information About You?

All such information is directly collected by you as a user only and we don’t ask any third party user or agency to leak/disclose your personal information as it is completely against our privacy policies. Such information may also be collected from the device storage you might be using for accessing our

What are Cookies & Other Technologies?

 Don’t you aware of the cookies? A cookie is a type of small file being stored on your computer which contains a large number of identifiers and the addresses as well as other information associated with them. Such cookies help visitors to return on our websites further again and again. These cookies also help us as the site owners to know about our permanent as well as temporary customers. Generally, we use such cookies to identify our regular customers too. We may become able to understand and know the exact interest and preferences of our valued customers because of such cookies. Collecting these cookies from your personal devices such as your mobile phone or laptop/computer is just to offer you better services and nothing else.

Mostly, we collect these data, information, and cookies from our customers only but yes, to expand our business along with focusing on the factor of service improvement too, we may start collecting more information from some third party users too only if required. Now, how do we collect information from others? 

These other or external modes of information may include-

Advertisers- they are the major sources from where any of the business enterprise or blogging services can get the relevant information for their associated customers/users. We do connect with the reputed advertisers who are in the business of serving and selling ads on different websites because they surely have a bunch of emails and contact numbers of their valuable customers/users.

Data Partners- We also have a direct or indirect tie-up with some of the data partners who have a bunch of information to be sold or purchased to run their large-scaled business by expanding it more and more. We may also ask them to provide/sell us the relevant information data to maintain the valuable and effective relations with our target customers.

Service Providers- Apart from the advertisers and data partners, various service providers are also in touch with us with the help of whom, we can easily get a bunch of data or information related to different industries we are already dealing in. we are in touch with or direct contact with such service providers just to collect a piece of huge information and data to proceed our website zerohourinfo smoothly.

How do we use such information further?

It is also an important or major concern if you are our customer and ready to provide us your personal information by agreeing to our privacy policies as well as the terms and conditions. All such information is used to-

To Contact You in Future- we keep sending emails, newsletters, promotional letters, surveys, questionnaires, and other types of communications further to keep in touch with for a long period of time

To Fulfill Your Subscriptions, Orders and Other Requests- several users register themselves on zerohourinfo and subscribe to our website which means, we would have to fulfill their subscriptions by providing them the better services and the genuine information only for which we need your personal data/information to be stored with us

Create and Manage your Account- if you may already have an account registered on our website, zerohourinfo then it becomes our duty and responsibility to manage your account well and in a better manner than usual. We continue sending you the messages with the relevant information via the email and other contact information you might have provided earlier during your registration online.

To Personalize Your Experience on Our Sites- we use this stored information and data to customize the content and other services linked with us but without using any third party users. Such a step would help you as well as us both in a positive manner and all of us would get benefitted for sure.

What Rights Do You Have?

We as the authorized owners of zerohourinfo have a complete right to ask you for providing your personal information and can disclose it only if required

We have a complete right to delete or deactivate your account on finding any unnecessary activity to be done while accessing our website

We are completely away from any kind of discrimination and thus, our privacy policies are the same for all our customers

We also reserve the right to correct your information if required by requesting the access from you only

Only we have the right to either activate your account or deactivate it based on the information you may provide us. If all your information would find true and genuine only then your account would be activated and maintained on

What about the Changes to Our Privacy Policy?

For getting updates about any changes made to our privacy policies, you would have to be connected regularly with our valuable website as we won’t release any notification during any changes made and the registered users would automatically get agreed to the changed policies.





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