Terms and Conditions

As you guys know that zerohourinfo is a wide portal where we usually publish severaldifferent blogs and articles on various topics from all around the world, we have some of our terms of use for the users. The first time as well as all our existing users are allowed to access to our portal but while accessing, you would automatically agree to our terms of use. All the users would be legally bound and get complied with the agreement. You need not worry in general as we have provided the detailed information about our terms of use on the website in a very clear language.

Highlights about terms of use-

If you are a first time user then you are advised to read and overview the terms and conditions carefully before accessing to any of the services. Any time, you may access to the digital services we provide via our portal you need to follow the specified procedures. Your sense of responsibility must be limited enough to provide the correct and accurate information. You need to maintain the accuracy of data and information so that we can maintain our records systematically.

How would we use the information?

We do not use any of the information with any negative intention. We utilize the information and other records only to maintain our data to identify as our existing user whenever you would log in to the portal. We are not authorized to leak your data or any of your personal information. Such cookies are stored in our database to just provide you the better services. All the information provided on the portal is safe and thus, our terms of use are developed very specifically.

How do we gather information?

The information we gather is in the form of your basic details such as your full name, email address, contact number, address, and some other details. Such information is being asked while you sign up over the portal. All the gathered information would be kept safe and secured in our database to analyse your exact requirements. Such analyse would help us I improving our services further to provide you the best possible services and a satisfactory experience.

It is thus requested to read the detailed terms of use mentioned on zerohourinfo to avoid any confusion or hurdles in future. Just start accessing the website and get a better user experience during every visit.



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